Simple Guidelines on How To Choose A Great Bike Cargo Trailer

Bicycle cargo trailers are the pick-up truck of the cyclist world. Once you break down and get one, you never want to be without one again because it is so handy and versatile. Don’t let the fact that this handy tool is being pulled by a pedal bike fool you. They can haul everything from landscaping and construction tools to camping equipment and a couple of kids! These trailers come in a variety of style and strength options. They can be open or enclosed, made of metal or plastic. Here are some ideas of the biggest factors to consider as you make your purchasing decision.

New vs. Used

Also known as catalog vs. Craigslist. Regardless of what route you decide to go with, there are many options available. Going with a new trailer gives you many options to select just exactly you are looking for. There are usually many customization options from whatever company you decide to go with, as well. This enables you to purchase the specific trailer that best fits your needs. However, buying a used trailer may fit your budget better. “Gently used” options obviously come with fewer options, but their price tag is much more friendly. Many people think the best of both worlds is to go through a company offering to customize used bicycle trailers. If you decide that is the best route for you, be sure to price the whole ting out and double check that you are getting a good deal on a good, solid trailer.

Open vs. Enclosed

This is why it is so important to know what you will be transporting with your trailer. Will the items you plan on moving most often need to be sheltered from the elements? Will they be light or fragile things prone to falling or bouncing out along the ride? Or, will you be moving bulky items of all sorts of shapes and sizes and don’t want to be confined by a cover?


Maybe this point should be listed first, but as with any purchase, you want to think through why you are spending money on a product and what your return on investment will be in the end. You’re probably looking into purchasing the best bike cargo trailer because you have come across a need you have to transport something easily and semi-regularly. What is that item? What are the chances the size of that item could change over time? If there is a possibility that what you are hauling will become bigger or heavier with time, you will probably want to seriously consider purchasing a larger, sturdier, cargo trailer to keep you from ending up with two trailers and two receipts.


The most common reason for getting a great bike cargo trailer is to have the option of pulling their children along who either don’t yet know how to ride a bike or who are too little to be able to handle longer rides. This also means that as those children out-grow the trailer, many parents look to get rid of what is now just taking up space in their garage. As mentioned in an earlier point, this may be an opportunity for a great deal. Just be sure that though it might be older, that doesn’t mean the safety features are out of date or broken. No “deal” is worth the price of the compromised safety of your children.